Foods To Avoid while bulking


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Sure we are bulking. But I strongly suggest do not go out and load up on fast food thinking that you loaded up on calories and will get big. Well you are right on one thing, you will get big, but the only measurement that will change will be your waist. We don't want that.
Even though we are consuming a high amount of calories, that doesn't give us the right to pig out. It's ok to have a cheat day once every 1 or 2 weeks, but don't overdo it or you will gain extra fat which when cutting time comes around is no fun. It means you will cut longer, loose more muscle and have a busy schedule.

Take it nice and slow (moderation), stick to basic foods from each group, nothing too extreme and remember to listen to your body. Even if it's time to change the calories a bit, if you still feel that you are making gains, then don't change it.

It's about looking in the mirror and determining how you've progressed. If you gain fat a little faster, then have fewer cheat meals. Do not hesitate to tweak your calories, or do a carb load depending on how you feel. After all it's your body and everyone reacts differently.

There are some bad carbs. Ok, now it's time to separate the bad from the good. When eating carbs be careful not to over eat on the simple carbs. Simple carbs are excellent for after a workout because they will go in your system for energy or muscle rebuilding fast.

But when you are not doing anything and have large amounts of simple carbs (High GI) you are asking for fat loss. Since it all goes in your system and your body doesn't need it.

Avoid foods like candy, pure sugar and foods containing a lot of sugar. Ice cream, pizza, potato chips and twizzlers are all bad for you and won't give you the gains you are looking for.

As for protein, you can't really mess up that bad. Just make sure you are eating clean, lean protein. Don't eat fatty steak everyday and wonder why you are gaining fat fast.

Avoid the white stuff (Saturated Fats) and be sure to eat a lot of fish and chicken breast. Avoid mixed beef that is full of Sat. fat and other bad stuff.

Avoid meats that are generally high in fat and feel greasy when eating. Chicken is good, but don't buy fried chicken or chicken strips that have 20% real chicken in them. Also avoid pork. Sure pork chops are good for red meat, but other than that pork is bad and pretty fattening.

Meats like lamb and duck are greasy and don't have good protein in them. Besides chicken breast, tuna and the occasional red meat fix, all other meats have too much Sat. fat for large consumption.

Fats are always overlooked and to people they are the same. Wrong. There are bad and good fats. I already explained the benefit and what and where good fats come from. Now it's time for the bad fats. They are found in red meat. Beef, pork, lamb. You name it, and it's there.

Saturated fats are usually found looking white when at room temperature and if you taste them they feel very greasy. Avoid them at all cost since they are no good for you. They clog up arteries, and is the leading causes of heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, high cholesterol and death.

Cheese and eggs also contain this type of fat, as well as red meat - it comes from an animal. Aside from red meat and dairy, Saturated fats are found on artificial products such as potato chips, fast food and junk candy.

The Saturated fat from these products comes from low quality, cheap oils that companies use to lessen the cost, increase the greasy taste and cause major problems to today's society. Avoid these bad fats.


Great topic to open up here Kitt for conversation. I know plenty of folk who feel that calories are calories regardless if they are clean or not. Sloppy bulk is what it is. Fast food is just out right gross in my book and yes I have eaten plenty of it before I knew any better. Not BK or MD's but crap like pizza, cheese omlets, and prepared chicken sandwiches . Often times it is dam near impossible to stay on track like if you have job related travel or are away for one reason or the other.

I see a lot of fast food places starting to offer grilled chicken wraps on their menu and I would have to agree that this is probably a tad bit healthier then a greasy burger or even a slice of pizza.
As for controlled fats the we try to incoorporat into our diets, mono/poly fats, we try to get these in the forum of oils, nuts, and even fish. Here are some sources for monounsaturated fats:
Olive oil
Canola oil
Sunflower oil
Peanut oil
Sesame oil
Nuts (almonds, peanuts, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, cashews)
Peanut butter

And polyunsaturated fat sources :
Soybean oil
Corn oil
Safflower oil
Sunflower, sesame, and pumpkin seeds
Fatty fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring, trout, sardines)

Eliminating trans fat, limiting saturated fat, and taking in healthy fats like poly/monounsaturated is the way think.
So let's grab some feedback here for others. When you are stuck and have no choice but to eat out, what's your preference ? ( Excluding cheat days )


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Sorry I have to be the one to say I'm guilty... flame me all you want but my pics don't lie. I may not be shredded and have 5-6%bf but that's not what I'm going for. I start my day off a lot of the time with a large cheese pizza.  I was small forever 27 years of my life..  155 pounds was a good day for me.  I ate "all the time" at least I thought I did and I ate whatever whenever. Until I decided I want to get big 3 years ago.Got me a gym membership and hit the gym. NOTHING!!! Gained some strength but no real mass so I started reading and reading and reading and I found out I had to eat MORE! My calorie intake to gain was amd still is set at 5000+ my metabolism and anxiety just takes up so much of my energy it's crazy! I do draw a thin line at deep fried shit there's no sense in all that. But burgers pizzas tacos almost everything is open game for me. I honestly tried the clean gain but do you know how many cans of tuna, chicken salads and peanuts I have to eat. No sir... I'm not eating all day every day like it's my job.  I eat big and I train hard and that's what works for me! Some people MOST people should take the above advice but there really are hard gainers out there and this guy is one of them. currently 203 pounds as of  10-11-13 and still gaining.  BTW I did not turn to aas until November of last year after I naturally gained to 185 pounds. 



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I'd say if you're in a pinch and it's either fast food or miss a meal then grab your bigmac.


Which brings me to the most important thing with diet while bulking. PLANNING.

Eating healthy isn't cheap and it's time consuming. Probably the biggest reason why being overweight has become the status quo in oursociety. I work 2 jobs and often have 16hr days. Throw in some gym time and I have very little time to cook. This has forced me to become a pro at planning every meal at the beginning of every week. It's not easy but is exponentially important to having a clean bulk.



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Better yet, just put a can opener in your car, plus some plastic forks and spoons.  If you can stop for fast food, you can stop by a grocery store. 3 $1.00 Mcdouble cheeseburgers equals two cans of tuna, and apple and banana for under $1.00.  In most grocery stores will have a salad bar with some kind of pasta dish.  So for less than a combo meal, you can eat a lot healthier


Great post very detailed but I don't think that you should be describing saturated fats as 'bad fats' as there has been significant research as of late proving that there is no link between saturated fats and poor health and the complications you have listed, but I do appreciate that this is the bs we have been fed by the nhs and companies for the past 20 years or so. The fats to avoid are known as triglycerides and these are found in highly refined carbohydrates and poor quality oils including sunflower oils, so called low fat spreads and butter blends etc. These are the ones to keep away from when doing anything in life. The reason to avoid them is that your cells cannot properly pass them through the membrane as they are man made and your body does not recognise them, then they are slowly broken down and absorbed into the membrane where they stay and are often what is referred to as stubborn fat as they are hard to rid yourself of!

Read this as well pretty interesting.



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are you supposed to put monosaturated fats on salad (cold) and polysaturated fats on something you'l fry-cook?

why isnt coconut oil on the good oils list? isnt it healthy?