Hello, friends!
In this post I want to touch on a topic that is not typical of me and tell you what you need to do not to go to the gym for nothing. Your progress will immediately improve after applying this simple system💪

To build an effective workout, you need to know and be able to manage TWO metrics: workout volume and intensity. It's incredibly simple, but unfortunately too few trainers know what it even is🤦♂️
Luckily, you're on my page right now, so you'll know more than they do.

So, you come into the auditorium. You see a lot of people around, some are lifting dumbbells and barbells, others are doing laps around the gym (that's kind of their activity), others are doing no clue whatsoever...
Ignoring them, go do your program.

For example, today you have a leg workout. You do three exercises: squats, bench press and straight leg pull.

How does it usually go?

You start with the first exercise: the squat. You do the first approach with 20 kg (bar) for 10 times. The coach corrects you that you did not breathe that way, that your knees went beyond your toes, that you did not squeeze something there and other nonsense. Then he says, let's do another approach and that's it. So wait a minute, dude. How was it all?

How much volume did you get?
20 kg * 10 reps * 2 sets = 400 kg.

What's the intensity?
That's right, 20 kilos.

The question: is it enough for the muscles? Well, if you came to the gym the first time in your life, then probably yes. But if it is at least the second time, then definitely not.

The first thing you need to know: muscle growth will occur at high volumes and low to medium intensity. We'll take an intensity of 30 to 75% as a basis. At higher intensities the muscles will get stronger.

Therefore a training program should cover 2 tasks at once: to become gradually stronger, and it will give you a better chance to grow your muscles.

What should you do in your case?

If you easily squat 20*10*2, your TM (maximum limit) will be around 50-60 kg.

To start, take an intensity of 60%.

It turns out: 60% of 60 kg is 36 kg.

Let's structure our training in this way:
35*8*3 sets.

Now the volume is 1590 kg, which is 4 times higher than the initial example.

And the average intensity is 29.4

After this you can move on to the next exercise, with full confidence that you have not come to the gym for nothing and have provided your muscles with the necessary load, and you can send your personal trainer to retirement for total incompetence, because most likely he did not explain this to you.

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