Gyno Since I Was 14

As the title says, I have had Gyno since i was atleast 13-14...what does that mean for my cycle? I do about a ML of Sustanon every 4-5 days and do about 10-20MG of Dianabol daily as well...I dont notice any pain on my breast or anything...I have Tamoxifen to help with any steroid influenced Gyno, but idk if id even notice it...can Tamoxifen help my predisposed Gyno?

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yeah Tamoxifen is going to help with gyno. But it's not going to help with other estrogenic issues if you develop them


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thats terrible. i would recommend a dr. appt to see what can be done. as it might get real bad on gear of anykind.


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But it would even help Gyno ive had since 14? and if not, how would I know im getting Gyno if ive already had it and nothing feels different
you're still having gyno since you were 14? you should have addressed it. not sure if tamox (or anything) will help deal with gyno that was there for your entire life. it could be permanent and surgery required. agree that you need to talk with a doc. about it


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Ok... so if you're struggling with gyno and already have a lump I highly recommend looking into the Raloxifene Protocol.
Not only has it been known to stop the growth of new gyno, but actually reverse what's there... to a certain point anyway.
If its already... bad... surgery is usually the only option. but honestly it doesn't cost that much. I've heard of people getting it done for as little as $1,800 bucks. It's a pretty standard outpatient procedure.
Hopefully you aren't there yet


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I know a lad who had gyno during puberty. Took some tamoxifen and it went away. This was almost immediately after he developed gyno though so it could be possible that taking nolvadex will make it go away but it might not.