Halodrol 50 liquid gel caps


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The best product I know is from Gaspari Nutrition, "GASPARI - HALODROL LIQUID GELS 60 CAPS" and as I know they are better than Halodrol-50.

Halodrol-Liquigels is the ONLY product in the supplement world that contains Arachadonic Acid and a testosterone boosting anti-aromatase for a “one-two” punch in causing massive muscular hypertrophy, positive strength and endurance modulation and “help” in the bedroom. Nothing works like or as well as Halodrol-Liquigels AND NOTHING ELSE EVER WILL due to an exclusive licensing arrangement using a patented material and a patent-pending material.


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From what I have reserached, Haladrol 50 was a steroid that was banned, so Gaspari came out with Haladrol Liguigels to replace it... which is no where near as effective as the "steroid"...go figure...