Hardest questions to answer


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I can answer most questions on here about steroids, cycles, training, ect. But to me the hardest questions to answer are related to diet. I here all the time people advising people to eat 4500-6000 cal, and I am absolutely not criticizing anyone's advice but I think this is the area where people differ the most. The best formula I can come up for newbies.
Bulk- BMR plus 300-500 cal.
Cut- BMR minus 300-500cal.
At least as a starting point til you know your body.
So many factors age, metabolism, lifestyle, occupation, ect.
Do y'all agree or disagree


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Your calculations are definitely a good starting point for sure. Everyone is different in that area, ive tried to calculate my BMR using various methods and it ends up being nowhere near what I need to eat to maintain.

Metabolism plays such a huge role in this game you really just gotta pick a number either by using your calculations or just a guess and then watch your body over time and adjust accordingly. If you aren't gaining at that level after a few weeks then add 500 more, if you start getting fluffy take some away.