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This, a 1000% this. If you know your low t... just start. You don't need blood work now. You need blood work 3 months from now! So honestly theres nothing stopping you from starting in... 9 days or less. UK warehouse 2, shipped to me in 8 days.
The only thing you have to worry about immediately is high est sides, but with the help of your brothers here... and some Arimidex... theres not to much to worry about.
Start with 150mg a week of test e or c. 75mg on Monday 75mg on Thursday. Within 3 weeks you'll feel much better.
Then a few months later then you need to get blood work done. See where you're at. Also the guys here can help you understand it. What's low, what's high.
Honestly the only thing stopping you is hitting that order button. Theres a lot of legitimate places to buy from. (Hint, some of them are in this very post)
Just need some bitcoin. I highly recommend using cash app. It's by far the easiest and most reliable
The last post were a reply to you. but, I didn't hit the reply.haha


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The last post were a reply to you. but, I didn't hit the reply.haha
Honestly there's no reason to worry about doctors and referrals and scripts. Theres several different ways to get your blood work done without them. You have your pre blood work done... that's all that matters right now. Just start pinning and feeling better. Around November you need to get blood work again... and there's at home kits and all sorts of shit to make that happen. Just start brother, you won't regret it!
Just stick to the 150mg a week. Don't start doing more because you want to feel even better. That's when shit gets dangerous


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Starting test definitely isn't a life or death kinda thing. Some people are crazy outliers that can get some pretty crazy side effects. But even then they aren't life threatening. Usually extreme acne, gyno, red skin, sweats... nothing that's gonna put you in the hospital. But honestly that's extremely unlikely, you really shouldn't even worry about it. Especially since you are going to be going with a very low dose. Just make sure you have Arimidex on hand. You're also gonna need a bunch of 23g 1.5" needles.
To make life easier you can get some 18g to draw and 27g to inject. But that's up to you. I use 25g to do both. Drawing definitely takes longer, but whatever.
The bigger the gauge the easier to draw, the smaller the gauge the less pain injecting.
Also do you understand how many ml to do for what dosage?
It's ok if you don't, lots of people aren't use to it.
The easiest way to remember is if you bought a 250mg 10ml vial of test, that's 250mg per 1ml. So every .1ml is 25mg so .3ml will give you your 75mg for Monday and Thursday injections.
If you got a 300mg 10ml vial every .1ml is 30mg
I hope that clears some shit up.
If you have any more questions or are unsure about anything, please don't hesitate. We all remember our first time, it can be a little overwhelming at first