Help! BP HIGH !


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I started a cycle of Test E and d-bol and my Blood pressure has gone up quite a bit, it was 140/65 when I started which is high to begin with now it can go as high as 166/85 and i'm concerned!!! Should I add clonidine to my cycle or should I start with an anti-estrogen? I only have tamoxifen and i don't know if that will help or not? I also gained 6 pounds in just four days so maybe thats whats the issue? Help Please!


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Thats a very fast gain, what is your dose? i would not exceed 300mg in the next 72hrs of TE and no more than say 30mg a day Dbol, are they from a trusted source and definitely what it says on the label?


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are you getting headaches and constant bleeding noses? you can take Enalapril or Trental which is a high blood pressure decreaser.


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No but I feel the increase! I can feel the pressure and I get nasuea from it and I don't feel good at all. I'm nervous that i'm gonna drop dead but maybe its in my head? I just don't want to die trying to get big you know!!! I tried some clonidine I had left over and my pressure went down to 114/65 so it worked and I feel good so should I continue with it and get some more(if I can find it). Help me please, oh ya you can see my cycle in the cycle log
just look for a recent report by me!


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TestE and Dbol come with a great deal of water retention, especially when used without an anti-E. Most likely, your excess water retention is causing the spike in blood pressure. For starters, I suggest the following to get your water retention under control:

1. Start Nolva or Arim. I don't know your doseages so I can't suggest how much.
2. Drink no less than a gallon of water a day.
3. Eliminate sodium from your diet to the absolute best of your ability.

These are easy fixes that can be tried before introducing BP meds.


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Ok thank you i'll start the Nolva, thats what I wanted to know that if a serm would help with my BP and hopefully it does!


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The best thing to do is get a doctor that you can be honest with. If your bp is 180/90 then all the preventative measures will likely do very little...your gonna need to either quit doing anabolics that raise bp or use a drug used to lower bp while on cycle.


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Don't play games with you BP...stop your cycle RIGHT NOW.
1) Low sodium food. Low cholesterol food.
2) Eat only fish - tilapia, salmon etc. Become pescetarian.
3) Get Vitamin E, Omega 3-6-9 supplemenets.
4) Hawthorne extract, green tea and lemons.
5) Aspirin.
6) No caffeine.
7) Cardio.
8) No heavy weights till you stabilize your BP.

P.S. That's my opinion. But I'd not start a cycle with 140/65 BP....


Efl,, I hope by now you have stopped the dbol bro. I had simular symptoms many moons back which led me to eventually give up dbl all thgether. The sides were just not worth the gains, which depreciate anyway at cycle end.
I agree with Sequiro's comment about stopping RIGHT NOW. I purchased a decent BP machine at my local pharmacy for around $50 and I check my BP daily, especially during cycle. High BP can taken its toll over time and should be addressed immeditally.
Play smart, learn from your mistakes, and share your experiences with others.