I am early 40’s and have ran gear off & on for the past 20 years or so. Test, mast, tren, winny, etc. Researched it here and there through the years, but…. Recently been thinking I may give it a try and would love to get some feed back from experienced users.
Dosage, length of cycle, side effects, personal experience’s, worth the cost


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HGH is a very "unique" compound. It's different from steroids. In the way it works, in its price, how you should use it etc.
Dosage for starts depends on your goals, but usually its 2-4 IU a day. Lenght of cycle is usually at least 12 weeks, but as long as 24 weeks.
side effects are too varied.
same for personal experience (I personally love it, and many others do)
it's worth the cost, but as you noticed - more expensive than steroids.