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Cosmin Mocanu

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I decided to leave my review everywhere to let as many people as possible know about this store) A few words about my purchase. I'm from Bucharest, Romania. The delivery of the order was carried out by the mail service, perhaps someone would be confused by this delivery option, but for me personally this is more convenient and reliable variant. Everything arrived without any difficulties, there were no checks and no problems with customs. I absolutely did not worry about this as the seller immediately warned that all the risks are assumed. I'll order more.


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I want to note the quality and convenience of the website, I must say that it looks quite professional, and this is what I was bribed with. I was also pleased with the well-coordinated work of the consultants and the prompt response to my messages. And of course, like most of you, I'm interested in other people's reviews. I read a lot of positive reviews on many sources and forums on this seller, so I placed an order and was not disappointed. Thanks


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I'll start Monday with a good review. Excellent service! Everything that was necessary was picked up in the shortest possible time, which was the most important thing for me! Options were offered, details were specified. The delivery was arranged even earlier than I expected! I communicated with Peter: clearly, quickly, professionally!!! Thanks!


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Great store!! I have frequently bought products for myself and for my customers in this store. An individual approach to each customer, competent advice when choosing and buying, pleasant prices and discounts, delivery - in any convenient way. 24.01.2021 I placed an order, everything was delivered last night. If you want everything at once - here you go!


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thank you hgheuro.com for competent advice and for help in choosing. And a special thank you to consultant Piotrek, he knows why)) Sometimes in life, we quite accidentally meet people who are able to change your worldview and open your eyes to some things, sorry for the intrigue)


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I bought a muscle mass gain cycle in this store, now I am in the process. According to the first results I can say that the quality and effectiveness of the products is at a high level, I saw the first results probably in a week after the cycle started. By the way, I bought a ready-made cycle for the first time, I made up cycles for myself before, BUUUUTTTTT….. The effectiveness of a ready-made cycle selected by a professional is much higher, and saves time and money, because it’s much more profitable to buy a ready-made cycle than each drug separately. I will continue my cooperation with the store in the future.


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NB!!!! I don't really believe in bad review I see here or somewhere else, because the store with a great number of customers worldwide, with such reputation and customer service would not take such a risk to deceive someone for the sake of some illusory benefits. Sorry for my opinion, but I am inclined to believe that this is the machinations of competitors or haters, nothing more

Kian Griffin11

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I got my order a couple of days ago. The product is high-quality and working, the packaging is original, all codes, all expiration dates and other parameters correspond to the stated ones, the packaging of the order also inspires confidence. The only nuance, as some have already noted in their reviews, is the delay in delivery and the deviation from the expected delivery time by several days, but this is not critical) And yet this is not a reason not to trust the store, because otherwise everything is fine, clarity and coherence in the work, professionalism, all this can be traced at every stage from communication with the consultant to the placing and receipt of the order. Thank you hgheuro.com! By the way, at the time of writing this review, I have already managed to place another order, if anyone is interested, I can report on receipt.

Yordan Atanasov

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First time using the company and I’m 100% happy with order. Great communication, service, and support was top level. Product came securely and safely packaged. No issues at all.

Ordered 1 x 50tabs/40mcg Balkan Clenbuterol, ENANDROL (T. Enan 10ml vial) Balkan Pharmaceuticals.
The products were real as the verification codes worked. Really great source, I will keep using it.
Hello everybody.
I would like to note good prices and secure, legit products. The website looks good and you can easily select your favorite product. It's as easy as it can be. There was a delay in shipping but that was due to covid and carrier logistics. Delivery time might be higher, but that might depend on where you live. That's the only remark. I would recommend you to look up their site and do a small order firstly.

Mikhail Midhat

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Ordering anything online can be sketchy, especially items like these. But the people at HGHEURO have provided me with outstanding friendly service and quality products. I must say I was quite sceptical at first due to bad experience with an online source before. Their gear is cheaper than everyone. Thank you guys for high quality service and simple ordering process

Marius Bain

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I've used them on several occasions and they do respond quickly to order requests. The team are very helpful and friendly. All products are legit. Despite a bit slow delivery (for the first time), the second one was much faster. And special thanks to Peter for good consultation

Luc Duval

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This is the 1st time I've ordered from these guys. I was extremely pleased with the experience dealing with this source. Simple and clear communication. Products are legit and not counterfeit.
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Naud Evers

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They are responsive with any question. Packaging looks professional though. Fair pricing and good promos and discounts. Already made 3 orders and have no issues. I highly recommend this source. Will be returning for sure not one time


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I had a good experience with HGHEURO. Didn't need much communication, I had a few questions about payment and they responded instantly and clearly, prices were good, just placed the order, paid, and waited…no issues

Egon Hartmann

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In summary - very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend. Great selection of gear, fair prices, quick turnaround, official distributor for many labs. Allways helpful and quick response from this source. Delivered in 8 days. Order looked professional