Hi everyone: Need advice on TRT (Female)


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I have and they suggested pellets or cream for all females which I prefer not to.

The pellets are really awesome!
Expensive... but awesome!
Especially for women because they have a mixture of estrogen and testosterone.
Not just test. And the other big benefit is injections every 3 months instead of every 3 days.
But costs $1,200-1,800 depending on your state... instead of a few hundred bucks for some vials.


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just take test cyp as it stays around longer. if you go to low mg your hair might shed again, there had to be a reason the dr. gave you that much. and you might get puffy face from cyp also , its just a side effect nothing to worry about.


I was thinking of going with pellet therapy but my OBGYN advised against it. He said if side effects occur there’s not much we could do. The pellets for women in Canada are created with Estradiol, Progesterone in addition to Testosterone. I don’t do very well on Estradiol.

I think for now I’ll just stay on the Cypionate and give it more time. Thank you all for the great advice once again. 😊


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can't he just offer pellets for men then? just in lower doses?
also, do you know why you have low T levels as a woman?


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understand that. but usually, low T in women is due to a condition or something, it is not as common as in men


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I need some advice on starting TRT to improve a low libido and training performance.

I was losing a large amount of hair and mentioned this to a friend at the gym. Since I’m in my 50’s their first thought was very low testosteron, they see this in many females. I was diagnosed at almost 0 free testosterone during my last lab test over a year ago. I was reluctant to try but decided to go for it since I was shedding more than the cat. I was given an injection of 180mg and booster of 120mg after two weeks of Sustanon 250. Miraculously, the hair loss stopped completely and my libido woke up. The only side effects I‘ve noticed was excess oily skin and some bloating of the face.

Since then I’ve stopped and would like to continue on a much lower dosage, perhaps once a week (I’m thinking between 5-20mg would love your suggestions) preferably a testosterone with fewer esters than Sustanon. I was looking at Cypionate or Suspension but I’m very confused at this point.

Would love some advice on the a good injection dosage to star for a female and type of testosterone Cypionate or Suspension? Also, would Sustanon 250 continue to work well, I‘m just scared of what the extra esters Would do in the long run.

Thanks in advance! :)
From previous experiences, i know some people that used test p for TRT, very small dose and easy to keep on control than any other substance. this is from a doctor in Mexico, I don't know how doctors in USA work.