High how to use?


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So Ive been reading about hgh and I'm really interested in adding it to my next cycle I'm just curious how would I run it being a beginner...if I bought the 36iu Pfizer pen how many of those would I need to run it with a cycle? And does it matter what cycle I run it with or can I run it with just a normal test cycle? Please let me know😆


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You can run it with a normal test cycle. but dosage depends on what you're aiming for. fat loss and anti-aging about 2 IU a day. muscle growth about 4 IU a day. you need to use it for at least some 3-4 months. also, if you start with high, go and have a cancer markers test. HGH is not cancerous, but it's a hormone that makes cells grow. if you already have cancerous cells, they might grow while on hgh.


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2iu a day minimum, 4-6iu optimal, +8iu for muscle growth.
Running it with a test cycle is a must, as HGH is not very anabolic per se.
Be careful where you buy the genotropin pen as they are often faked, and they aren't cheap.


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What is your goal? HGH may only drain your wallet. I thought the same way when I first decided to get "help". Steroids is usually a way better option.