Hopping on HGH finally


I wanted to make a post here because you all have been so helpful to me over the last few months.

I made some other posts in the TRT forum but now I've finally quit. I just didn't show up for my shot one day. I thought they would call me and have a difficult conversion but I never heard from them. So I guess it's all done now. I just wont go back. They already suspected I was on something because my tests came back high (I actually wasn't, but I was on AOD9604).

Anyway, after they dropped me to 170 mg / week it just wasn't cutting it.

I got some TestC and have decided to go with 100 mg EOD subq. Averages to about 350 mg / week. I'm really enjoying it so far.

Along those lines I just pulled the trigger on HGH, ordered 1 month supply for now to see how it goes. Going to do 3 IU / day.

I have Arimidex for estrogen but just purchased Raloxifene for some gyno reduction that I can't crack. (Had pseudogyno before starting TRT, it seems to have decreased slightly but still present).

Lost 20 lbs since starting this journey back in August, down from 215 to 195 as of today. Going to drop just a few more lbs then try to focus on recomp / maintenance calories.

Anyway, huge shoutout to everyone here on musclegurus for the help along the way. I'm still "fat" by my girlfriends standards, lol, but personally I'm getting in the best shape of my life. Maybe in a few months I will even be in good shape, haha.


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Glad you are getting along well. Hopefully you find the HGH to be helpful in your journey, keep us posted on how things go for you.