I just injected 1 IU HGH into each side of my penis (2 IU total) AMA

I’m not joking I just did this completely on a whim. Afterward I thought to myself, I might have a problem with self experimentation.

I was reading about Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for penis enhancement, and I found the following paragraph:
“PRP acts on cells to increase their numbers (mitogenesis) and stimulate vascular ingrowth (angiogenesis) and thus promote healing (16). This is because platelets do not only have haemostatic properties, but they also contain an abundance of growth factors (GFs) and cytokines that can affect inflammation, angiogenesis, and cell proliferation (17). These GFs and cytokines are released upon platelet activation—the most important GFs include vascular endothelial GF (VEGF), fibroblast GF (FGF), platelet-derived GF (PDGF), epidermal GF (EGF), hepatocyte GF (HGF), transforming GF beta-1 and beta-2 (TGF-b1/2), insulin-like GF (IGF−1, IGF-2), interleukin 8 and matrix metalloproteinases 2,9 (16, 17). Studies postulate that PRP injections may modify key pathophysiologic mechanisms leading to ED through anti- inflammatory, reparative, neuroprotective and neurotrophic effects (2326).” (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9580815/#!po=21.6981)

So, being the numbskull I am, I thought to myself, if GF is the reason PRP works, well I have some HGH leftover in my fridge right now, still in powder form. So I added 1 mL bac water to the 10 IU vial and then I pulled 20 units on my insulin syringe (0.2 mL, 2 IU HGH).

Based on later descriptions in paper that PRP is injected into both sides of the penis (called the corpora cavernosa) I split the dose in two, 1 IU on the right and 1 IU on the left.

The syringe felt very strange going in. Not like pinning on the flab of fat on the side of your belly. It almost hurt less than, to tell you the truth, but I did feel something like fibrous tissue after passing deeper than surface level. I’m not sure whether I made to to the corpora cavenosa entirely, but I am too afraid to try any deeper than the insulin syringe would allow.

About 15 minute have passed now. I feel some slight discomfort in my penis, similar to how your arm might feel if a buddy socked you just a little bit too hard. It might leave a bruise, but it isn’t unbearable.

Lately, I have felt that my erections just haven’t been what they were a few years ago. I don’t want to go into too much detail, and I don’t think I will measure anything, but I will monitor the subjective effects and update this post with how I feel in the next days.

Should I repeat the inject? Daily? EOD? I’m open to input, also open to being told I’m insane and shouldn’t be doing such a risky thing.
Probably nothing will happen huh.. but I’m thinking about doing this EOD until I run out of HGH to see what, if anything happens.

If I see or feel difference I might order more and keep going. I don’t want to hurt myself though.

For reference on why not to inject synthol into the penis. Can present as serious injury up to years later.

What I am doing in 99% water and a small amount of HGH. While still could be incredibly dangerous blood does naturally have water in it, and the HGH is human identical. By no means is this safe but I think it’s still safer than injecting something like synthol. On the other hand, I do know there are doctors out there who do this kind of injection, but from what I read it only affect flaccid length and girth, while erect remain unchanged. I’ve always had a kind of small dick when it’s flaccid but when I get hard it gets really big. So I’m not looking to change that. I just want to get back to how I used to be with big hard erections. Lately they have been a big softer and don’t seem to be as long and full unless I’m really turned on, and even then it is easy to lose it if things don’t go perfectly in bed.


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yeah dont due synthol as it could fuck u up for yrs to come. i thought it might work, but, what do i know.
Okay no worries I wasn’t going to do synthol myself.

I just decided to do another 2 IU. This time I did closer to the head and I did a little bit more on the left side then the right, because I have a kind of bend to the left. I’m wondering if this does anything maybe adding more on the left could help straighten it out. Lol.

Closer to the head hurt like a bitch this time though. I’m a bit worried about my Willy now lol. No tears or anything though. It feels so weird doing this. The tissue is very spongy, like the AngloSaxon said.


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Well... I guess it was something obvious but I strongly recommend against injecting anything into your penis. Stay away from synthol regardless. When it comes to HGH, while it "may" help increase penis size, it would do it by injecting HGH properly (subcutaneously), not directly into your penis. Not sure about the outcomes, to be honest... so it's up to you and your risk.
as for the frequency, HGH is a compound that you need to inject daily....
I do feel like it has been a bit thicker and longer the last couple days, I know that may sound impossible. I was wondering if it’s just that way due to bruising but it certainly seems like it helped somehow.

Right now it hurts too much to do again today but I might do more tomorrow.


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there use to be a drug that you shot into ur penis to get it hard it blew it up i just cant remember the name now. maybe someone will remember the name it begin with a "C"?
I saw this but I was more interested in permanently healing what seemed like damage from Covid. For what it’s worth I do feel like since then I have made some improvements back to my original but I’m not convinced it’s 100% yet
It isn’t that bad with an insulin syringe to be honest. It’s a super weird sensation not like pinning normally.

But they do it at clinics where they inject Platelet Rich Plasma and according to the reports it does work.