IGF-1 lr3 vs GHRP6


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IGF-1 lr3 vs GHRP6  which do you prefer I know some people use together. I have the GHRP-6 but waiting to use.  



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GHRP6 made my appetite out of control, I couldnt use it.  IGF does not do that to me . I like IGF pre workout , but I suggest you try both pre and post to see which you prefer .  A nice 45-50 day run of IGF is great.




honestly they both suck in increasing your hormones. ive had bloods done on ghrp6, ghrp2, ipam, cjc dac and non dac. only thing id recommend is mk677. that stuff is very promising.



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Let me ask you this if your going to sink your hard earned money into peptides it seems to be just about as expensive as growth so why not go straight to the horses mouth instead of picking at his ass hole do the peptides really do that much ?