Insulin Sensitivity: How to Get an Edge


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In order to see the awesome gains that we have trained so hard for body fat must be low. It is here that the 'real' benefits of our anabolic agents can be seen.

Of primary concern in maximizing fat burning potential is insulin sensitivity. When sensitivity is high and blood sugar is low-fat burning or fat oxidation occurs. Two simple drugs to aid this are burberine(natural supp) and metformin (synthetic).

Both are best used in morning with breakfast and work better when used without carbohydrate intake. The reason for morning administration is not to inhibit inflammation post workout if you train in afternoon

Metformin is touted to lower igf-1 and can inhibit mTor, another reason to use it away from training sessions. Burberine, the natural alternative does not do this.

500mg of both compounds seems to be an effective dose but this will waver from person to person.

Metformin seems at times to cause gastritis while burberine does not at all as it is natural supplement.

Both metformin and burberine can be used effectively to over control blood sugar to gain an edge in fat burning phases. Some care should be used when finding the right dosage.



I've read a lot of good things about metformin. Never tried neither but that's because I'm not big on supplements.