Is legit?


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so I have been on that site for months now checking out results that they have, does anyone know the truthAlsomy brother ran Dragon Pharma Sus 350 twice a week with Deca 300 twice a week he gained 8lbs after 12 weeks, and once he post cycled he lost it all. He said he didn't feel much strength gains and he switched to his buddies home brew stuff and by week 3 he was already up 6lbs and he said his strength gains were ridiculous. Just thought it was strange since they have DP products on there test results with pretty dang good results. I even PM'd the source I got it from because there were no labels on the test 400 and there were no lot numbers or expiration dates either. They said that DP for a while wasnt printing the lot numbers on there's thought that was a little strange also. We purchased over 500$ of gear. Hopefully it's not bunk. I don't want to send it off and pay a lot just to get them tested.... any thoughts my MG friends?




Imo anaboliclabs is legit, but underground steroids can vary from batch to batch because the raws coming out of china vary from batch to batch. Of course the home brew could have easily been overdosed. There's other factors too like diet, pct, and is the 6lbs in 3 weeks just water weight?




There was a company that was specializing in making fake dp.. Back 2009-2011 I'm pretty sure there is fakes, dp has quality products so there is gonna be fakes. And anabolicsteroid is pretty legit as far as I have seen... Heard its ran by the meso crew.... Not sure of that one.