Is this even a Real Result or BS?


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It states that body fat weight is 4.8Kg and overall BF percentage is 8.3% - achievable - Ronny Coleman had 6% from memory for most of his comps


The percentages don't add up, based on the weights he's got under 5% body fat. If water is meant to be included with muscle (which the percentages for fat and bone suggest) then this is a small male (<60kg, must be male because the bodyfat % is too low for female)


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Less than 5% is definitely achievable.
Takes.. insane discipline... but definitely possible Helmut Strebl is a prime example


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one tic tac may ruin everything :ROFLMAO:
From what I understand he walks around like that... most of the time.
Now... do I believe these numbers... idk.
But he and others have said he walks around under 5% (closer to 3%) and for these shoots he drops below 1%.
Now... do I believe that... I don't know.
But... he's definitely the most shredded guy I've ever seen. And I can promise its not photoshopped.


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yeah, i know that, that's one extremely popular guy and popular pic. it's actually a pretty old pic.
I doubt he's 1%, but pretty sure under 5%.