Joints, Ligaments, Tendons. OTC tablets that actually help!


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Well - first topic in here!

Iv been seeing people complaining about joint issues and ligament/tendon pains, mainly in the elbow!

Well a year into my training I had chronic elbow pain, basically my ligaments and tendons couldnt keep up with my rapid increase in muscle size and strength!

This was not good...

After searching the net I stumbled accross a product call 'Mega Cissus' by MyProtein. Well as usual I thought its OTC so this cannot work otherwise it would be illegal or prescription only! Thats generally how things seem to be these days, unfortunately! Anyway - for about £25 a tub I must say it is absolutely superb. A week after taking it I noticed a big difference, I still had tendon issues in my elbow but it was nowhere near as bad! Three weeks in and the problem had gone! I still continued taking them and obviously whilst I was injured my training was very heavy at all! I think had I just rested purely it would have healed even quicker! I think I took 2 tablets a day!

Now im not saying these are going to make you 100% but for the price and the availability I certainly recommend them to anyone who is looking for joint/tendon/ligament help!

This was four years ago so I am sure there are other companies producing this stuff, but check it out and let me know how you get on!

Hopefully this will become a helpful first topic!

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Good info Anabolic-City always looking for feedback on otc products. I had used MSM in the past after insulting a tendon in my forearm but was not won over by the results, even though it was raved as being a miracle for tendon care. 


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47 here and my knees are really starting to take a pounding - I just started taking "Now - Joint Support" (Usual contents all mixed together) if it does not do me some good soon I will look into trying this out.  





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For the money guys they are well worth a go. I cant remember if I doubled the dose or not.

But start with the recommended and see if you have any joy!

Obviously throw in some cod liver oil too!



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over the last 25 years or so ive worn down or tore up alot of my tendons and damaged my conective tissue in some way, so i take collagen sythesis seriously .i heard a friend of mine use the old saying "test is best" well yeah maybe for some things, but what about testosterones ability to help or heal  your tendons etc. Not much right , now ive taken everything under the sun to help my joints otc and utc ,and i hate to say it but msm ,collagen protein , chondrotin sulfate , glucosamine were just a gigantic waist of time and money. Useless . and well the ketosterone in mega cissus does look good on paper but it still has to make its way thru your stomach acid and your digestive tract, i'll try it but unless they have figured out a way to pass by those things you might just end up peeing it out and thats money down the drain man! But ill tell you what  for my tendons and conective tissue i havent found any other products out there that isnt straight up all the way around "BETTER" for healing my tendons and increasing the structual integrity of my joints than these peptides, TB500 , MGF , IGF1-LR3 , and IGF1-DES (and of course HGH if you got the kind of cash that flows and flows). Look them up and check them out these peptides are great healers, And oh yeah cod liver is a great product across the board it has proven itself over and over again so it has become a staple in our  cabnet. 

have a good weekend everyone.


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^^ Agreed - 11 days now on:

CJC - No Dac

GHRP - 2

IGF-1 Des

Seems to be helping already.........

And don't forget:  EQ, Deca, Anavar, and Primo all help as well 





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one of the best things to take is Tumeric .   Yes the cooking spice, but it is also available as a vitamin supliment  .  It is a great anti inflamitory , which is largely the root cause of most joint and tendon pain. 1500 mg a day and in about 3-4 weeks there should be a big improvement . I have gone on and off the stuff several times now and theres no doubt in my mind it helps a lot more than anything else Ive taken.



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Hey this is my first post here, I'm twenty six and when I was fourteen I was diagnosed with Osgood schlatters. Basically the bones grow too fast amscalcium builds up where cartilage is supposed to be. Over last three years it's very gotten painful and may need surgery. I've found these forms very helpful so I appreciate you folks and all the useful information you've provided. Currently trying to hit my genetic potential but as of now I'm keep any eye out for sales so I can stock up ahead of time. Thanks again folks this was very helpful