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 There is still an awful lot of confusion when it comes to understanding our whole Karma scoring system here at Muscle Gurus. We want all members to understand our logic behind this since it benefits both the integrity of site and the members that make up our community. In an ongoing effort to help improve our community and make members feel more at home, we continue to ask for suggestions so keep the coming.

 While all review sites have the same motive, we want to maintain a site with somewhat of a different personality. Social change is needed since many review sites have evolved into an unpleasant atmosphere for some of their members and especially for newbie’s. Getting bashed for asking a question,leaving negative feedback about a source, or just plain disagreeing with another member is not a valid reason for getting you karma docked. The founders of Muscle Gurus wanted to create a site free from this unfair behavior. A community where members are not afraid to speak or leave reviews, and you are all welcome into our community as long as you understand that .You can find more on our motive here so let’s get down to the karma chat.

 As stated in the rules, karma scoring is as follows:

 You will earn +1 karma for adding product and lab pictures in your review.

You will earn +1 karma for adding pictures with you.

You will earn +1 karma for adding a cycle

(psst... You will also get a karma point for adding an introduction)

 As of now, you cannot post pictures of products unless they are accompanied by a review. The same holds true for labs (blood work). These rules were put into play to protect our members by keeping cliques and fan boys out. Those of you who belong to other review sites know all about the karma whoring antics and how difficult this epidemic has become contain. We would much rather eliminates any chance of this happening then to let it spiral out of control, and that is why our karma rules are structured the way they are. Members who come from other sites often have a hard time processing our karma rules and often get frustrated because they are not able to rack up 50 points/week from posting pictures or cracking a joke. How easy is it to grab a product picture off the internet and claim it as your own? Awarding karma points for jesters like “lol” and “no homo” is absolutely ridicules; join face book and befriend the world if you want to gain that sort of popularity.  Who would YOU rather take advice from, the funny guy with 500 karma from posting gear pic’s or the guy with 50 karma points who has created/contributed to topics of interest? For these reasons we also have a structured star voting system to help keep fake accounts, source vote buying, and fan boy rallying out so we can keep our source rankings honest. We are currently implementing a validation process for suspected culprits as part of an ongoing effort to weed out the members who play such games.  

We want honest reviews from honest members so when a member is researching a source, they are not mislead by funny guy with the sack of karma that can’t hold water.

 Keeping active is by far the best way to obtain karma here on Muscle Gurus, you must be active if you want your points to grow.  There are many of you lurking in the shadows which is perfectly fine but we would like to hear from you! Fill out that intro and jump into the discussion, we know you have something that you want to share. The forums are wide open for just about any topic you may want to create or discuss so keep active, leave feedback, and help our community grow.


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Very informative post brother, I never really cared for or understood the whole Karma thing, but I now fully comprehend it. Thanks for your detailed and very informative post!



We get asked karma related questions all the time by members who don't even say "Boo" so you have to wonder just what their motive is.


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Thanks for the explanation. I trying to get familiar with this community so be patient with me bros! Feels like a no bs site! 




Just be yourself brother. Honesty, integrity, and loyalty is how I like to view MG.


Derp... I must be tired.... Dont know how I missed this before my reply in the other thread..  This has answered a few questions that I had... I think its an awesome idea... I stopped going to message boards in general because of issues with fake accounts (epidemic in nearly all interests it seems)



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Thank you for this. I definitely read the threads and get informed on likely questions I may have, but I find it hard to make valid contribution through the forum since I am a newb and don't know nearly as much as most of the people on here. Ps I never got a karma point through my intro : /



I''ve asked this Q before, but it appears that the majority of the product pictures are photos of guys getting their gear. Not along with the review. I stopped doing this, but after my last question went unanswered and I saw well respected members posting product pictures without reviews I added my latest purchase. Could you please elaborate.

According to this you CANNOT post any picture unless it is a review. Which means you should not go to add->puicture->gear and post your newly opened goods until you've been using the product long enough to review it.?!

milkin said:
As of now, you cannot post pictures of products unless they are accompanied by a review. The same holds true for labs (blood work).
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Definitely one that needs a definitive answer. I've heard two things...one like you said that no gear pictures can be posted without a review, and another that just says not to post gear pics under the member pics section. I'm guilty of posting a pic under the gear section myself, as a lot of us are, but I prefer to be as choosey as possible in what I leave myself open to ass chewings over. 



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It might be a good idea to speak with ADMIN about reviewing the entire rule structure and have everything updated and available in a single location. I am a pretty avid reader and I even found myself missing some information that has changed or been updated overtime. Might be a bigger task than they are willing to take on but it never hurts to ask and I believe it would make the membership experience better.





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I understand how Karma works a lot better now, so thank you. When I first joined I had no idea what it was, and wish I would have found this post then. 



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karma is active, but it works different now.
when you want to give +1 karma just click the Like button