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OK guys I've decided to start a log here and post my diets, training, and cycles. I really want this to be helpful to others and also keep me motivated by kinda holding me accountable. So the more I get feedback the more likely I am to continue posting. 

I'm going to start out right here with my diet that starts tomorrow.  Meal prepping has been underway for the past 2 days now as my wife and I have very busy schedules. 



1 cup egg whites 

1 cup oats 

1 banana 

2 tbsp pb 

1 scoop whey 

3 whole eggs

1,093 Cals. 103c 37f 88p



2 cans tuna 

2 tortillas (whole wheat)

1 cup cottage cheese

680 cals 56c 18f 76p


Meal #3 

10oz chicken breast 

1 cup white rice 

4oz mixed nuts

1,344 cals 72c 66f 107p



8oz 80/20 beef 

8oz sweet potato 

1cup cottage cheese

1061 cals 72c 55f 67p 


MEAL #5 Post workout 

10oz chicken breast

1.5 cups rice 

1 can v-8 low sodium 

797 cals 73c 10f 89p 



1 cup Greek yogurt 

2 scoop casein 

1 cup milk 2% 

490 cals 39c 9f 68p 

Total macros:  5465cals 415c 195f 495p (30/30/40)

This is just the start. The goal right now is to bulk hard and heavy until January. I will try to ramp up the calories every couple weeks. 

Thanks and feel free to ask questions or give feedback. 






+1 kfizz this is a great idea. Definitely gives me some ideas for my upcoming winter bulker. 

This is a lot of time and effort on kfizz's part, so I hope everyone shows some appreciation and gets involved on this because it'll be the type of info you'd have to pay a trainer or nutritionists big bucks for.



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thank you Kfizzle for posting this stellar meal plan. I can't officially give u a plus 1, so a thumbs up will have to do.  




Great job Kfizz, Im very interested in seeing it pan out this winter and will keeping an eye on it



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For someone like me this will be a stellar log for ideas and inspiration. Looking forward to it, bud!



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Hey thanks man,  glad you said something.  I will try to remember to get my weight tomorrow morning. I'm pretty sure I'm sitting around 215. Ill add some progress pics along the way as well and some side by sides. 



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Today is day one,  everything is set up for a successful day. 

I will be starting cjc1295 no dac and ghrp-2 today. Cycle is as follows. 

100mcg of each. 5 times a day. 

First thing in a.m. soon as my feet hit the foor. 

Every 4 hours except around workout time will be immediately following last set while still at the gym. 

Right before go to bed. 



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Dolf said:
</p><p>What will the cjc 1295 no dac and ghrp-2 do for you in regards to your goals?</p><p>
 </p><p>Without getting into too specific of details, I'm wanting to increase my gh release in my body which will result in increase of igf-1. These increases will help with fat loss and muscle gain. Even tho it's a bulk I will be doing cardio and keeping fat gain on the low side. I will put on some fat and that's OK. </p><p>The ghrp-2 will also somewhat help with appetite from what I hear but appetite isn't an issue right now. </p><p> </p><p> </p>

Nice Kfizz, I wish I had that kind of discipline when it comes to breaking down macros (maybe when I get out of school and I have more $$$). Is that meal plan for 7days/wk?



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i like What you are doing here it will help educate and inspire many of us here on the mg   that is putting down some serious groceries too   Do you like the ghrp and no dac  at that dose for a reason ? I played with it out only 125 of each 3 times a day  



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Outlawthing said:
</p><p> Do you like the ghrp and no dac  at that dose for a reason ? I played with it out only 125 of each 3 times a day  </p><p>
 </p><p>Honestly I don't know yet. I ran it before for a week every 2 hours at 150mcg and it was too much. How do I know, you ask...  well I was holding water like CRAZY, and my hands felt like a million needles were stabbing them not only when waking up but sometimes through the day. The water retention was the worst part. So I stopped running it and waited a little while now back on at this lower dose and less frequent. I will keep you posted tho how sides are. This is just day 1. </p>


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jimmydapinch said:
</p><p> Is that meal plan for 7days/wk?</p><p>
 </p><p>Yes this is for every day,  training or not. I may take in some extra carbs on leg day and days that slin is used via Carb powder.  </p><p>I do plan to have 1 cheat meal through the week that will most likely consist of super supreme pizza and a coke. </p>


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Today I hit chest, front delts, and triceps. 

3x15 on each workout +- a few reps 

My main focus is squeezing the muscle hard and having mind muscle connection. Not interested in super heavy weight just interested in the punp and getting around 15 reps to failure. 

Flat bench

Incline bench 

Cables cross (high Med low) 

Seated military press (Smith machine ) 

Arnold press (dumbbells ) 

Cable front raise 

Rope pull downs 

Skull crushers 



Tomorrow will be Back, Rear delts, and Biceps. 






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So today was kinda an off day. I had a Dr appointment for headaches I been getting lately. As I suspected my blood pressure was high 160/110 so the Dr put me on meds , which I was actually hoping for so we don't play the whole try this and that and see how it works.  Just straight to the meds. She wanted blood test done on lipid panel, metabolic panel,  and complete blood count. I'm pretty sure testosterone levels are not included in any of those. I am trying to keep my steroid use out of my medical record as long as possible. She actually told me that she wants me to drop weight down to below 200 lbs.  I couldnt help but laugh when I said OK I can do that. ( but it will be next year before I step on stage Lol). 

I was in a rush before getting to my apt because it was an early apt on my day off work so I was actually fasted and they could do the blood work right then.  I didn't get my first meal in until 10:30. Gonna be a late night today when im eating my last meal Lol. 

Tomorrow I will be getting my own personal blood work done for someone around here we all know well. This test will deff include testosterone levels.  

Weight when I woke up this morning was 217. 





Reminder for everyone. You can hit the heart and save any of these post on your favorites for easy future reference. 



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Damn and i thought that was for man crushes   160 over 110 damn bro that makes my bp look pristine  only time I had bp that high was meth induced 



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Today was another 3x15 day. 

Back, rear delt, biceps was the muscle groups tsrgeted. 3 workouts of 3 sets for each group making for 27 total working sets. 

30 min before workout: formulation 1 Pre workout, nx6,  100mg tren ace/25mg tren base/500mcg m-tren(inj) 250mcg m-tren (oral) 

During workout sip on muscletech aminos bcaa 16g, fortify carb powder 50g, creatine 10g. 


Bent BB row. Underhand grip.

Lat pull down. Also underhand grip.

Seated cable rows.

Rear delts on pec deck  

Bent over DB lat raises 

Lying side lateral raises 

Hammer curls 

Overhead cable curls 

Cable hammer curls. Rope attachment.

Immediately following workout was 100mcg of cjc no dac and 100mcg ghrp 2 followed 30 minutes later with 10oz of chicken and 1.5 cups of rice.