Kind of an akward post 🤭


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Hey fellas, dumb question real quick, Is there any type of proven theory of sex and too many busted nutts leading to a decrease in test levels? I mean this twice a day shit is getting a little out of hand for this aging guy lol. My wife is not defiant bc she thinks if she is the one giving it then I won't look elsewhere. ( I never have nor never will). Loyalty still means something to me.
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I'm jealous. I feel like I'm 18 again down there but my wife is 50 and just don't want it very often. Not her fault, life keeps us tired.
Man it sure does. I have the wife working out with me and it has become a staple in our daily lives. She is my best friend since we were just kids. It's required a helluva lot of forgiveness and unconditional love from both sides but I would do it all 100vtimes over. That said she is loving the workout I think even more than me. Throw back pic of young hulk and wife 20 years ago!


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