Losing fat, but not weight


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Hellow brows,

It's been a couple of months since cruising. Weight has been steady around 160 lbs depending on water and food, I've been noticing changes, definition, belly has been getting flatter, abs more visible. I've taking the cut reeealllyyyy slow, like 6 months cause I wanna restain as much muscle as possible.

But I haven't lose weight, I mean fat yes and my t shirts feel tighter, this is my first time actually doing this so slow, so its a surprise for me.

What do you think I'm losing fat and gaining a little bit of muscle at the same time? Strength hasn't declined either, so I'm curious. I'm cruising at 200mg/w


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Replacing muscle with fat without the scale changing is extremely common. It's why I tell people not to rely on the scale! Take pictures and look in the mirror.
But yeah a good clean diet is gonna do exactly what you're describing


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As long as the scale doesn't change but you keep on losing fat, it's pretty obvious that you gain muscle at the same time you lose it. If you would lose fat and wouldn't gain muscle, the scale would go down too.