Lost libido


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So I’m now on week 10 of my Test E only cycle and I’ve lost my libido completely. Don’t wanna have sex with my GF, where as a couple weeks ago I wanted it every day. What’s going on?


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yeah, good plan. I wouldn't know what else it can be except for high estrogen as long as you don't run anything else than just testosterone and you never added any aromatase inhibitors

bobby ricky

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Not to be funny but I use my wood meter. If I don’t wake up horny as fuck with wood that A cat couldn’t scratch then I hit the adex, works every time.

bobby ricky

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When my peter meter tells me it’s time I take half adex per day till I’m back in business. Usually 1 or 2 days and I’m good. Also my sock line at end of day will let me know if I’m retaining water. I also drink 1 or 1 and half gallon water per day. Sounds funny but hydration I feel is important to fight bloat. I don’t believe in to much ai because it will kill my gains and feel like shit if estrogen gets to low. This is just what works for me.