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Would like to add a section for Hormone Replacement Theropy Steriod users.

Interested in hearing from other Low T users who switched from Big Pharma / Doctoscripts to self medicating and buying online. ( and the various legit reasons such as; no Dr., expense, location etc) 

Please check out my new new experince in the Lab review section ( see xxxxxxxx Labs - xxxxxxxxxxxxf) and switching from Test Enanthate to xxxxxxxxxxxx 250 and my first "T flu" problems in 9 years of HRT.



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Already have it here - https://musclegurus.to/forum/anabolic-steroids/trt-forum

Please take the time to read the forum rules (the ones you were directed to when you registered). There is no lab or source discussion in the open forum.





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T Flu is usually from UDG LAB Gear or your tsking too much & overloaded your receptors and created an invader response with the body! Pharma grade stuff never gave me T Flu because I take low mg amounts! Maybe the solvents in it or dirty stuff! Be careful & take a tylenol or Advil to subside the flu feeling effects.
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