Magnesium test booster



a friend sent me a link to the website included herein, which claims magnesium boosts test. Im into checking it out mostly for its absorption. Still have to read the article closely, I skimmed it. There's a link to an ncbi article too.



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Shit, that would be a bonus I take magnesium before bed 1 hour,, and it puts me to sleep almost comparable to melatonin in the sleep department if it boosts my test also I would consider that a plus..


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I am not a doctor, but I’ve never heard about the fact that magnesium can boost your testosterone. I have read that there are very few studies that show an increase in testosterone levels in men if they take around 400-450 mg per day of magnesium. Also, according to these studies having too much or too little can be dangerous for your health. Therefore, no one recommends taking magnesium for testosterone. They also provide a nice comparison diagram between the different types and brands.
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I know fenugreek does boost your test if you have low test and increase your libido
magnesium when i take it help calm my mood - well if i am taking Magnesium Bisglycinate