You are 100% correct paula , i myself appolagize , for getting a little rude , it was not meant to be rude , i assure you will see that once you become active , we honestly protect our brothers and sisters ..

Because your family , so trust me noone meant any harm we are all like over protective brother and sometimes we get a little huffy 

Honey it sucks , that source maytag orwhat ever went bad a while back .

But i promise you this , you stay active , and we the mg family will do our best to make sure this never happens agion to you. 

If you are in dier need of something like a ai or da ,  please hit me up pm and ill help you..

I let no member without its who am. Lol

Yes i can come off a little rough but a big teddy bear and im here to protect you.  

Please make your self comfortable at your new home

Sorry paula i came on harsh.