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Just a question on my chicken,like most bodybuilder s, I've been having chicken breast, four day 200 g protein from them,but I've been finding them dry,boring,even mixed with a little sauce, so I switched to a whole cooked chicken, 200 grams in whole chicken, 2 meals,and loved it,now what's the best way to have chicken, does it make a difference, chicken breasts, or a whole cooked chicken,these are the Tesco express cooked chickens, obviously I have steake and tuna as well, but it was the chicken breast my body was saying ,oh no not again,which is why I switched to a whole chicken, obviously I want only the best protein in my body,any advise out their,

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diet is extremely individual. what works for one, may not work for others. I mean, what one loves, others may not. but generally, it sounds good


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Seems like the protein quality would be the same. Obviously more calories and fat in thighs and other dark meat in chicken