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i have seen this question pondered on the forums a couple of times in the past, and I thought I'd offer some of my experiences. As some of you know, I'm a 100% disabled vet, I've got all kinds of shot wrong with me. To make a long story a little shorter, I am prescribed a fairly comprehensive lineup of mental health meds. Mood stabilizer, anti depressant, klonopin, doxipin for sleep. I engaged in a fairly intense test/dianabol cycle last spring/summer and will admit that I kinda said fuck my meds, which I feel resulted in me turning into a belligerent animal with a fantastic body and a life in shambles. Ultimately resulting in separating from my wife and daughters(obviously there were a lot of other issues involved). Anyway, I'm doing the solo thing right now and have taken  few months off(still lifting) but havent dared start another cycle. In that time I have realized that I MUST take my meds every day or explosive consequences will take place. I am ready to fight people  that cut me off in the supermarket. Wrapping this thing up, I am almost five weeks into a Test E/DBol/Deca cycle and the difference mentally is night and day. Out of the gym, my aggression, frustration, and unproductive thought process are GONE. This is only my experience I know, but for anyone that has personally been in this spot or afraid to ask, I personally believe that psychiatric meds can be a vital part of an effective cycle. Much love everyone!





much appreciated and will be very alot of brother ...i personally take a few meds and wont dare stagger from.  +2




Sounds to me like you learned something from that cycle. The key is to take what you learned and apply it in the present..  Just stay conscience and be honest with yourself..  Sorry about the separation brother...



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Things are still kinda tricky with the girls. My wife and I both had a lot of shit we needed to personally deal with. We both want to be back together, but we have to get the timing right. I have grown more in the last six months than I have in the last six years and I appreciate the support from all you brothers and sisters. It's always a sturdy and solid foundation to have a support system like this with a bunch of scarred and well traveled folks who have been through the same shit, and some shit I couldnt even imagine...



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Its hard to talk about, especially for veterans. 22 of us commit suicide every day because help just isn't found soon enough. One of the biggest social issues we are currently facing in my humble opinion. 


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Thanks for sharing JD. Didn't know all that was going on in your world. Wish you the best and we are here for support. 




Mental health is such a strange thing to identify and control. 

Everything feels normal, you don't even see the changes as real changes. 

I've only dealt with moderate depression, and found my cure. But at the time it just seemed like life sucked and that was it.

I wish you luck mending your relationships. 




JD we now have a veterns forum, and I'm gonna move this over there.

Great info brother, and sorry for the fact you had to learn something very valuable the hard way. Hopefully your struggle will help someone else not make the same mistake. Please keep us updated.




Touchy subject..... I also take a SHIT load of meds, I go to therapy 4 times a week. So e very time I decide to cycle I inform my Dr exactly what and how much I will be taking..... Cool Dr. Because as seig said..... If I drop any meds.... I can be dangerous.... I'm fighting a case now because I chose not to see Dr and dropped my mood stabilizer.... So an assclown decides to threaten me with a knife one day and now I'm charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon to cause injury and or death... (Used my hands)... USMC.(SF)...OOOOOH RAHHH. So now I face time in the pen..... But the case is looking good for me.....;). Yea.... If you on psych meds don't drop them.... You have to communicate with your Dr.

Be wise and careful...