Metformin (Glucophage) use with carb-heavy meals for better nutrient utilization


Yeah, I hear from him from time to time. There's a few others in this thread I miss seeing around. Remember ermagerd? That dude was cool and hella active, but disappeared pretty quickly. Have you tried metformin? I was going to awhile back, but now that I have a good supply I might include it in a cycle at some point.


No I haven't. I'm not a big supplement guy. Multivitamin, fish oil, powdered bcaa's, and whatever is in my preworkout are all I use.


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I’ve been playing with metformin for a couple of weeks but only at low dose because my insulin sensitivity is high.

I haven’t seen super results but it does seem steady. As far as super human nutrient partition. Hadn’t done that for me but it’s only been a week


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i take it post w/o with carb meal and dextrose powder mixed with creatine and grape drink and it gives me a swelling of muscles. it feels good. but this is me not everyone will expierence this but i like metformin.