Mod Grf1 29 and Ghrp2. Bunk??


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I have started with Mod Grf1 29 and Ghrp2 a month ago.
The doses are mod 100mcg and Ghrp2 250mcg 2-3x daily
There is now a little time to see the effect, but I don't have any tingling in my fingers, legs or head rush. as many say they notice quickly.
I also have no rise in blood sugar in the morning.
Is the product bunk?
Are there any other ways to find this out?

I have been using MK 677 over a long period of time and this affects my blood sugar.
I have blood sugar of 5 - 5.5 in the morning.
On the Mk 677 this quickly rose to 6-6.5.
Measured 7.5
Then stay on doses from 10-20mg a day.
I should have noticed something of the same on mod grf and ghrp2 too?


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Where are you from? Because I know a lot about diabetes and blood sugar. My ex of 12 years was a insulin dependent diabetic, and my gf of 4 years ex husband was a diabetic, they were together for 15 years. So together we have 27 years of dealing with blood sugar... I've never ever heard of someone's blood sugar being 5-7 and live to talk about it. Granted we've been out of that world for 4 years now.
A healthy range for blood sugar is 80-110mg-DL

Since your typing, that means your alive, so what is your unit of measurement?
Really curious, feel like I'm about to learn something new 👊

( my exs blood sugar has been as low as 21, that was 3 days in the ER and several hours of being unconscious. And as high as 912. That should of killed her. Most people die over 700. She spent a week in a coma, and the entire team of doctors couldn't believe not only how high it was, but that she pulled through)
I don't know anything about hgh. I do love MK-677, shit makes me so hungry!


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You are interested in this.
Then I'll try to be as detailed as possible.
Now I don't have diabetes.
I'm from Norway and here there is a lot of bad Hgh anyway.
Just wondering if my mod grf129 and ghrp2 are bad too.

On Mk 677, fasting blood sugar was max 7.5mmol/L and 135 mg-DL.
Highest measured
Normal was 6.5mmol/L and 117 mg-DL
Without mk was 5-5.5mmol/L and 90-99mg-DL

My blood sugar rises clearly on mk677.
I have also varied the doses and when the doses drop, the blood sugar drops.
I have varied from 20mg to 5mg per day.
6.5nmol is 10mg daily.

Shouldn't fasting blood sugar also rise on peptides. Now the half-life is short, but I have also taken blood sugar of 5.5nmol/L. Took the peptides 100mcg grf129 and 250mcg ghrps2 and waited 30min. Took new blood sugar and this has been 5.5nmol/L again.
No head rush or tingling in the fingers which is common.
Broken peptides?
Do the peptides have the same durability as Hgh.
Heard that Hgh is usually destroyed during shipping to Norway due to lack of refrigerator temperature over days and weeks in shipping.

mk677 got fatigue off. otherwise top, but that's why I wanted to try peptides.


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peptides and Hgh have a much longer shelf life unmixed.
All of the peptides and Hgh come in powder form.
This powder must also be refrigerated or can be frozen for long shelf life.
Room temperature will make the contents lose their effect little by little after about 10 days.
in a refrigerator at 2-8 degrees it will last for many months.
Ready-mixed peptides keep in a refrigerator for about 10 days and cannot be stored at room temperature.

So a shipment from China to Norway takes 3 to 6 weeks and most of the peptides and hgh will then be destroyed in shipping.
is this right?

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first off, there are European warehouses so there's no need to wait for shipping 3-6 weeks in Norway.
Second, no. powder hgh shelf life is 3 years! before reconstitution. 28 days in the fridge after reconstitution.


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I reckon it's the same shelf life for peptides and Hgh? Then the durability is longer than what I have heard.
The best is to buy it from a department store within the EU.
I have bought everything from Norway to avoid customs, but there are so many bad goods being sold.

Where do you buy your Hgh?
There are many internet scams on such things and it is best to have references

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well, if you would carefully read my name and avatar, using google, you'll find where. it's against forum rules to recommend/talk/share sources


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Okay. Then I delete the last post.
Should be good to share info about this. There are so many fake websites.
Selling your own products will be something else.


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well, if you would carefully read my name and avatar, using google, you'll find where. it's against forum rules to recommend/talk/share sources
I knew would come through with the knowledge!
And yeah you can't go wrong punching his name into Google! I've done that a few times myself... like Christmas morning every time! 🤣🤣

And Norway... ok. You guys use a totally different unit of measurement over there. Very interesting