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Road to Pro Card
Begin: 28-06-2021 Weight: 99.4kg

Goal: Grow

Test E 1250mg week
Tren Ace 500mg week
Anadrol 100mg day
T4 100mncg day
t3 12,5mcg day
Proviron 50mg day ( maybe 100 ? )
Exemestano 25mcg 3x week
Dostinex 0,25mcg 2x week
HGH 10ius post workout
IGF 200ius pre workout
Humalog 10ius pre workout and 20ius post workout
Lantus 30ius first meal
GHRP6 250mcg post workout before hgh
Telmisartan 8mg day

GUNS to use later : Dianabol, MK677, Tamoxifen

*I need your help on my cycle .
Should i stat dosages low and increase when gains stop ( testosterone , HGH , Slin , Orals )
is this enough dosage on lantus?
Is to much AI?
Should i increase anadrol?
Do i need dostinex?

6 Meals
450gr protein
600gr carbs per day
50gr fats from foods per day

Water 6 liters

Sleep 7 to 8 Hours ( i need more to fully recover but alot of work to do )

Monday: Chest + Triceps
Twesday: Back + Biceps
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: Shoulders
Friday: Arms
Saturday: Legs
Sunday: REST

* 6 exercices of 4 sets for chest , back and legs , 4 for shoulders, biceps and triceps .
* reps from 6 to 15 , some exercises i go heavier others lighter butg always focus on slow negatives, full contraction , squeeze.

Never train more than 3 days in a row , and no more than 5x week

Cardio: Now no cardio
I like trenbolone on bulking because increases IGF and make you leaner
Is good idea add deca on this or better increse test dosage ?
Do i need t4 and t3 with hgh or is just a myth?

I need your support people on this ?


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Chest 136cm


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