More Cardio?


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For you over 40 types, are you adding in any more cardio to your routines for basic fitness/heart health?


46. I cycle almost every day now for heart health. 11 to 22 miles. I've noticed lower BP, lower RHR and an elevated HRV. I usually keep my rate in the 60 to 70% range and once a week do a HIIT session on my ride.
When winter hits I'll swap over to the heavy bag I think.
Before I started though all my metrics were awful. What motivated me was buying a fitness tracker and seeing how bad they really were.


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41 here. I mix some hit training but mainly enjoy walking to be honest. I'll walk at a decent pace for 45 mins to a hour whilst listening to a podcast. That way im learning something at the same time and its actually quite nice to get outdoors. I mainly hit the weights but try to get 2 cardio based sessions in a week. One hit on the treadmill the other walking/hiking

bobby ricky

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Holy shit I’m old 51, 30 seconds rest between sets gives me great cardio. No other cardio at all. Out hike my young wife up any hill around and she does A shit load of cardio.