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It denied me in other forum fo cycle, anyway I'm on my second wk of test c 500mg ew and dbol 40mg Ed with adex e3d. I was going to do 12wks but may do 16, a question I have is how do you know, if possible to know, when test is kicking in over dbol? 



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Test goes to work right away, its the 4-5 week mark when the work its doing on the inside shows up in the mirror, yes there is a time where it ramps up in the blood levels, but it is still working at this time just with a lower miligram for milligram of blood concentration. You are two weeks in brotha, if your seeing results and are torn between the two, its the dbol if you can physically see it in the mirror, especially if your diet sucks you may look like an over filled water ballon. two weeks in they should be work synergistically to some extent, but i'd still say its a dbol to test 75/25 percent split at this point. Let us know how you feel come weeks four and five. If your gear is gtg you will yeild great results, if your diet training and pct is not dialed in though all i can say is enjoy it while it lasts because it will not stick around, especially if you throw on 30 lbs, come off cycle and don't eat like you gained 30lbs. you need to keep that calories up to feed those new muscles or that water ballon look and feel starts to look like someone stuck a pin in it. Stay focused and keep us posted.



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Sorry brother not laughing at you but with you. For me personally Test never overrides the Batman feeling that I get from dbol. Once you slide off dbol you will begin dumping some excess water weight if your E2 is under control and you will begin "seeing" the effects of the Test. It is very difficult to say what kind of feeling you will have but I think you will see it more in the mirror than some sort of defined feeling. No doubt though, you will feel different without dbol.

I am not saying it is a bad idea to change your cycle length. I am just a firm believer that to be successful we create a plan, follow a plan and stick to a plan. Sometimes slight adjustments are required during the cycle but I would never recommend for you to extend the cycle. 12 weeks is 12 weeks. Unsolicited advice - Give your 12 week cycle 16 weeks worth of effort! You will be better for it.

Be disciplined in the simple things and you will be disciplined in the more difficult things.




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Thnx guys, I will stick with 12wk then and I'm defly going to pct, as for my diet I'm eating right, high protien intake from whole foods lil from shake and a bar after gym I really don't feel much water retention was bloated first week but adex took that away  getting great pumps also, yes  will keep y'all posted thnx agsin




You already got great advice from our Stellar brothers.....  I just want to add.... OF COURSE you will want to lengthen your cycle.. Don't... Why??  You will be looking so forward to jumping back on. You are going to get great gains from this cycle and if you extend it then you will need to PCT then take off 16 weeks.. NG.... Do the 12 weeks and PCT. Stay positive through your FIRST PCT, Don't get down that you are losing gains. You will most likely lean out after 2/3 weeks off But you will keep gains if you keep your diet on point and train hard. Most guys get depressed and then train half assed, Eat bad and wonder why they lost their gains. DONT DO THAT !!!!  Take the off time to train Hard, lose BF and form a new plan.. You are going to be a new man...




+2 for SF, Gas, and Strong for great advice.

These guys got you all hooked up. 

Another reason to not go 16 weeks is it will make recovery during and after pct much harder than 12 weeks. Hcg would be a must right before pct for longer 16 to 20 week cycles.




Start pinning HCG at week nine to kick start your natural test production. Discontinue ay the end of week 12, then pct from there. 



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I think different compounds effect everyone's body differently. I've been on Anadrol and couldn't tell at all when the test kicked in over the drol. But when the NPP kicked in... OHH BOYYYY! lol. There was no mistaking the NPP even over the drol. Suddenly my bench went through the roof over night. So, I think it's different for everyone. I think the way you'll most be able to tell when the test kicks in is your recovery time. If you're eating enough, your recovery time will literally be like 1-2 days max. I can train a muscle group as hard as humanly possible, be a little sore the next day, and then the following day I can seriously hit that muscle group again because it's already completely healed. I am eating around 4,500 calories a day though. So, I have a lot of food going in for that gear to use to heal. But that's my advice. Look at your recovery time and I guarantee you'll know when the test kicks in.