Need Advice for beginner


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You ain't kidding brother! What was supposed to be my first cycle of 300mg for 10 weeks, has turned into 16 weeks! With the next 2 cycles planned!
Testosterone isn't addictive, the results are!
I've been cycling for over three decades and I keep at it in an amateurish kind of way, even though it's been a long time since I last had the kind of physique that aroused suspicion. For me it's the process that's addictive plus the joy of looking at my 53 year old big arms in the mirror (although if I lost inches off my tummy those arms would look bigger 🤣)


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I'm new to this site but not to gear what is the best procedure to placing a order
We can't give you sources... but they are easy enough to find. (EXTREMELY EASY)
Pay attention to what warehouse you are getting from. Each warehouse has its own shipping cost. So try to find a warehouse that has everything you need. Then you're gonna need a form of payment. I really like cash app bitcoin. Its probably the easiest.
But before any of that... you should probably make your own post. Ask us for cycle help. We need to know your age, goals, lifting and diet