Need steroid advice


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I'm 5'10" around 260. Looking for a steroid that I only have to take once to wake up in the morning and be 6'3" 230lbs and jacked.
230lb for 6.3ft you are skinny ( beach body ) , you need to grow . use 750mg test week ( one shoot ) and every morning take 50mg dianabol and grow like weed


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Trust me i don’t simply say it! I mean it! You have all chances! Just keep on workin!
Hell yeah bro!! I thrive on your enthusiasm thank you!! This is the end of week 4 for me. Tomorrow I start week 5. I am down 5lbs overall and my body is increasing in definition. Just gotta keep on going!

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maniac we all do! 5 lbs down whilst i'm pretty sure you grew some muscles that's amazing. and you're just starting your route!