need strong muzlce plz


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Hello everyone.

I'm 35 years old from Iceland and have never been jacked. Visiting this forum is a part of my journey.

My aim is to train climbing 4 - 5 days a week with intense hikes as well. The hike trail I take is very steep and around 3km. I've been going there for the past few months and every time I reach the top I'm absolutely exhausted. Great leg and stamina workout plus I like the outdoors. I'm going with climbing and hiking as those are the exercises I seem to enjoy the most.

I just purchased some Anavar earlier today. Have been using testogel lately but I don't find that product to be good enough. Not being able to shower 6 hours after applying it is a big down side.

I'm 170cm and 76kg at the moment. Have some fat around the stomach which I would not miss if it would go away. I've also never had a strong sex drive so that is also something that I'm looking at as an added bonus (hopefully).


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Testogel for physique improvement is never good.
go for testosterone enanthate or cypionate used twice weekly at 250 mg (500 mg weekly)
It can go well with anavar 30-50 mg daily (split through the day)
Go for 12 weeks cycle and add anavar only at last 6 weeks of cycle. After that go for PCT.
hope it helps.