Need to increase my appetite

I have been having issues with appetite lately, well for the past 6 months or so really. It has really hurt my chances of gaining any weight. Is there anything you guys can recommend that will help to get my appetite back in check? Any help would really be appreciated, having no appetite really sucks.
Consume more liquid calories.

The reason is liquid calories are quickly absorbed and free up valuable space for full foods; nevertheless, this is not the primary benefit of liquid calories. The biggest advantage is that you can make high-calorie shakes that will significantly increase your daily calorie intake. Protein shake sit is!


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I already tried mass gainers. So far the only thing that has helped was testosterone and dianabol.


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Sounds like you need more testosterone and more dbol. Roids do the body good. 😂. More roids, More roids, More roids
Given your lack of appetite, it may seem paradoxical to advise you to eat more frequent small meals. It is, however, what is required to train the body, hormones, and GI tract to produce hunger cues, raise metabolism, and improve digestive productivity.