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I had an account here before but had to start fresh. I'm 28 and have been off cycle since December. I just had my bloods ran and my t is at 285 everything else was normal. I'd imagine I'll get prescription trt but I'd also imagine I'm 28, have Bitcoin, and know how to use it haha. I'm 180 pounds and 6 ft tall right now been back at working out for a week. I ordered test and deca and am eager to start my new run but once not long ago I was a monster! Is test 600-deca400 a good ratio or excessive ? I remember back when I first went around I was running test 750-1000 a week. Masteron and boldenon all at once and man I was a tank! Probably why I suppressed my production though. Also kinda hard to admit but with already struggling with performance I'm aware that deca is dangerous and notorious for ed. I'm already towing that line just off the low t alone do you think I will need Viagra or Cialis? Should I up my t, lower the deca? I want optimal results obviously what should I do


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It happens mate, it'll get right.

3:2 is a common ratio. I use 5:3, that's my sweet spot. I'd start lower and work your way up because of how long deca stays in your system, attempting to taper it down if it gives you ED would take time.

I'd heavily recommend getting some masteron or proviron, either has a good chance of sorting out cock or libido, or both. And they will act synergistically with the test to net you more gains.

I take cialis or viagra as preworkout depending which one I'm more tolerant to at the time. Viagra is more powerful in the short term, cialis lasts about 4 times as long though. Either will enhance your appearance post workout, pumps during and potential for growth after. Pump will stay a lot longer with cialis.

If you lift in the evening you will also be prepared to entertain female company.


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Alright cool I'll have to place another order but some mast and Cialis is no biggy plus I can always start the others and include them a couple weeks in right? And do you think just adding a ml of mast e on it will cut it

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I would listen to @Lee.the.Human
yet, you first need to decide whether you will remain on TRT or want to stay natural.
Because you can't go further with 285 T levels. So, you either need to boost T levels naturally, or by injection. If you go the injection route, you are unlikely to have T levels normal naturally.
Welcome to MGs. Yes 285 T is pretty low. At 28, it would seem you could get your t levels back up naturally, but, with the higher doses that you did in the past; it could be "iffy" How long were you running those high doses? Also, when is your next checkup to see if they have risen any naturally. Once you ventured into the PED method, its hard, but not impossible, to go back the natural route. Good look and holla if you need anything?