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I would like to welcome our newest Gold Member Jarhead. Everyone knows Jarhead and for those who don't try and get to know him. He is one the most generous and supportive people I know. I call him the Preacher... Congrats Jar.

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Love u brother... Very few I can say that too... Thanks for the years of loyalty, genuine caring, brotherhood and just being on my team weather im right or wrong... The best thing about you is you have no problem speaking your mind and the truth..



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Love you too my friend!! Thank you for everything as well & always speaking your mind to me.... the truth sets us free & helps us & you’ve ALWAYS spoke the truth to me. It’s an absolute privilege to call you friend & brother!!


Big Nasty

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Congrats my fellow state neighbor and bro in arms!  SF Calls you Preacher which immediately  made me sing "Preacher man says its the end of time and the Mississippi Rivers she's uh goin dry...... " Bocephus... name that tune... That song just popped in my head of which I will now be singing the rest of the day because I cant get it out of my head!!  




“I’d like to spit some beechnut in that duds eye and shoot him with my ol .45” love this song now its gonna be stuck in my head, but I don’t mind, ill survive



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My great brother!!!! Thank you & you can know without a doubt I was raised with that song as a motto & we still sing it proud around our parts! :) 



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I don’t care what color your darn badge is brother, I’m just glad to have you back for a bit. We’re all better when you’re around