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Just came across this place, and been reading through lots of the threads learning a lot. Currently natural, and planning my first cycle of 500mg Test e a week with adex at .5mg if needed, for 12 weeks. Any advice welcome as i am very new to the world of anabolics!
Current physique as wellIMG_2351.jpg---IMG_2350.jpg


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Glad to have you. Well looks like you are already a shredded machine which is awesome. Yeah just run a test only cycle.

Test e 250mg every Monday and Thursday. It keeps your levels more stable this way.

Only use your ai if needed.

Eat at least 300 grams protein and plenty of carbs since BF is not an issue for you. Good luck and feel free to ask anything as you go


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Everything looks solid. My only advice would be to have all your PCT supplies in hand before you start your cycle. Don't want to be caught empty handed


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These guys explained it perfectly.
+ you seem to know what you’re doing.
first cycle always test only. 500 mg weekly seems good. PCT and anti estrogens on hand.
you’ll be noticing changes in physique and gym in a few weeks.