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Supps to protect organ health forsure! I wouldn't personally throw winny in on your first cycle. I think it'll be a waste cuz you'll gain just fine on test alone rn. You start adding compounds or going up in dosages when you are stalled. Least amount with results is going to be best for you and help minimize side effects. Just my 2cents
Ok thank you I will just run the test then sense I have started it I have gained 15 pounds so far it has been about 3 weeks I do know a lot is water but I feel so much better and have a better outlook and attitude on life it's amazing


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Has anyone injected and your muscle in your leg all of a sudden starts moving? Why is that?
Absolutely! This happens when you either hit a nerve or get in really close proximity of a nerve. I've clenched my muscle so hard from hitting a nerve I almost bent my needle. It's normal and nothing really to worry about.