Nootropics as fitness aids


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Just stumbled upon something called nootropics ( and wanted to know whether I can use them to enhance my fitness abilities.


I'm thinking of using Modafinil or Noopept for that.






Sounds like a bunch of hooey to me but my research is nothing.

I have not used these things but this type of 'new' and yet rediscovered 'old' stuff comes up all the time and it's just placebo.

If you want to use it I see no harm. If you use it and believe its working it will give you benefit.  If however you  have limited funds and want something that truly works because that's what it does (like testosterone) then save your money.




Modafinil is kind of a mood elevator, and mild stimulant, like low strength adderall at best. I've used it in the past a few times. Nothing spectacular. Caffeine is cheaper if you are looking for a lift. The items mentioned in that link, well, those things are just being re-marketed as it were as nootropics. If you have money to throw into the wind, go for it, or give it to the homeless woman who needs to feed her children. Sure, those things are likely beneficial to some extent...




LMAO...that funny Blast.  But honestly I do believe in the intrinsic value of giving.   Hey Carl, what are you using now? What are you wanting to achive that you are considering these nootropics?  Lets us try to help you with a little bit better stuff/options and not necessarily aas 



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Some of these things could help. Anything that improves focus and drive is bound to enhance performance as well.



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 Modafinil is ok, but as with any product, there are good and bad points, one of the bad points for me was its like a stimulant. I could not sleep very well. The problem with that is your body needs GOOD rest and GOOD sleep to grow! You release hgh while asleep and its a fact that you grow the most while asleep therfore ... Poor sleep equals less or no growth! But again there are many opinions on this matter.... Mine is just one!




That's a very good point BG. The half life of modafinil is a whopping 15 hours. Adderall is 9-15 (depending whether it's XR), and caffeine is 5. Even if u take modafinil first thing in the morning, it'll still be doing its thing by the time you're ready to hit the sack. There is always a debt to pay for taking a "short cut".