Notifications have stopped


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So....I need to change my email address. Gmail has completely stopped messages from MG its not even going into the spam anymore.   So Ive got a encrypted protomail account now and would like to use it for MG. I'm afraid I'll do something wrong and get locked out of my MG account.  Is it as simple as changing the email address is my settings?





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I tried changing my email from an Outlook one to an Gmail one. Nothing.

And of course I dont wanna have to link this to protonmail or any email client that cant receive easily in my mobile phone or outlook tray.

I've got a suggestion. Could you tell us which email address is the one that sends notifications? Example: [email protected]

Because maybe, If we send an email there first just saying Hello! and adding it to our contact lists, then Outlook/Gmail will make it possible for us to receive them.

Hope this works, I really hate not being able to receive notifications on threads where people could be asking me anything important and look like I just ignore/disparage them, making me seem unpolite.

Thanks in advance for your help ;)