Overtraining on gear

bobby ricky

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I’ve been chasing 315 on the bench ever since I’ve been taking gear. I finally did it yesterday and probably could have done 2 reps butI had no spotter. I know it’s not impressive but it’s very rewarding to finally accomplish it. What I’m getting at is I was training 6 days A week thinking I’m on gear and more work is better and just grinding my muscles into dust . I thought on gear you couldn’t overdo it but you can. For the last 2 weeks I only work out every other day and only for one hour. I’m growing again and making gains again. Just wanted every one to know even with gear sleep and diet on point you can do too much . Always thought under recovery was for the weak 😂


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315 without any spotter. lol. you love the risk.
and yes, recovery is extremely important, as you noticed yourself. that worked as a "shock" to your body which allowed you to grow even more. and yes, definitely, rest and diet shouldn't ever be excluded. they should be on point as long as you aim to grow.
the fact that you were on high gear dosage didn't let you go into "overtraining" most likely. saying this because overtraining isn't only not allowing you to grow further, but is making you lose gains!
in the end, thanks for letting others know the importance of proper training, recovery, and diet, that should be helpful! Happy holidays man! let there be at least some holidays for your body too, lol


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you can still train 6 days a week and still grow. but it depends on your training methods. for example 1 h /day 6 day/week can be extremely effective when you don't try a muscle group more often than 2 times a week maximum.