PCT Chlomid / Novladex questions

I’m about to start my PCT after 3 weeks of last pin I ordered nolvadex and chlomid but they came in liquid? How do I know how much to take since it’s not a pill?


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So the clomid is 20mg per ml
And the Nolvadex is 12.5mg per ml

What did you run as your first cycle and how many weeks was it? So we can better judge on how harsh your pct should be.
And you should also wait 4 weeks... assuming you used longer esters like e,c or d. If they were all short like ace or pro.. then yes 2-3 weeks
12 week cycle
Deca 200mg a week
Test E 250 week
Last pin was on December 31st
Also when should I take it ? And with what I didn’t want liquid I thought it was pills but that’s what I got


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Bottle says MG not ML

Yes that's mg per ml. I promise!
That's a pretty light cycle...
Might want to wait to see if others agree with me, but at the 4th week after your pin I would do 20mg clomid and 12.5 Nolvadex every day for the first 2 weeks. Then for the last 2 weeks... drop... the...hmm... personally I would drop the clomid because its definitely the harsher 1 of the 2, and just run 12.5mg of Nolvadex every day for the last 2 weeks.

Waiting to see what my brothers think.
Because 250mg test and 200mg deca is a very light cycle. Most guys here cruise around those dosages


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People that start steroids without research make me laugh.
On a thing called the internet you can find all the information you need before you start injecting. But here we are trying to help yet another blind Freddy


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i wish the vendors would stop calling there names like strobastol , it fucks me all up on whats in the vial. just call it winstrol 50mg.


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The internet isn’t always tell you the truth that’s why I’m on this STEROID FORUM
But here you are on the internet asking questions. Now what do you believe?
You see what I’m saying?
If only I can Google search steroid forums for some reason I found a lot of them. Then I sat back and learnt lots and lots before I did anything other than trt that I had prescribed by a doctor.


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What u guys recommend to drink this liquid PCT with and when?
as long as you are sure your clomid and nolvadex is legitimate and you had your last pin decemeber 31st you should already have started the PCT. don't you feel low mood/motivation/libido?
PCT usually is 4 weeks with either clomid or nolvadex or most commonly both in dosage of 50/50/25/25 mg/day of Clomid per week and/or 40/40/20/20 mg/day of Nolvadex per week.