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I had some bloodwork I was trying to post and the site isn't allowing any uploads. Is anybody else having this problem? The file is the proper type and within the allowed size range. I know the site was down yesterday .... not sure if this is related or ...



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Yeah, it's having glitches. With the photos and I have also been unable to access a couple of A&D pages. I'm sure it will iron itself out in a couple days. Excited to see your bloodwork though!



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Website is having technical issues for a few days. Remember admin is overhauling the site on a mirrored server and these issues might be related to these changes that are coming.





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Alrighty, I will patiently stand by ;)

Another issue (probably my most frustrating issue) is that I don't get notifications for content. Message notifications, comment notifications etc etc >_< makes it difficult to follow up with folks. Especially when I can't remember what threads I've commented in hahaha




On your profile page you have tabs for activity and forum. Those two show you everything you've commented on, and all forum post you've created.