Possibly the perfect TRT therapy.


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For those on TRT and those looking into it. Please review this website and print out the information so you can take it to your doctor to speak candidly with them. You want to find a doctor that is up on the cutting edge treatments and are willing to try new things.

The best form of TRT is a dose that keeps you with in the normal range but also doesn't have your ridding a hormonal roller coaster. The worst form of TRT is the old age 200mgs injection of test cyp every 2 weeks. You get a super spike of test and the. Slowly decline over the next 2 weeks until you spike yourself with another mega dose.
You can always split your dose yourself and take 100mgs/week. Or better yet take about 50mgs every 3 days.

Review this website and take the information to your doctor as this can be the difference between feeling ok and feeling fantastic.



Testosterone Treatment Dosages for Men

  • 50mg Testosterone enanthate/cypionate every third day.

  • 0.25mg Arimidex every third day.

  • 500IU HCG every third day.

Ideal Hormone and T Levels for Optimal Health

  • Total Testosterone 800 - 1,000 ng/dl

  • Free Testosterone 250 - 300 pg/ml

  • Estradiol 20 - 30 pg/ml

  • SHBG 10 - 30 nmol/l

  • DHT 60 - 70 ng/dl

  • Prolactin 2 - 3 ng/ml

  • DHEA-S ~ 300 ug/dl


Currently I am taking 60mgs every three days of Test Cyp. I haven't needed adex and I use HCG when I order it as my doctor won't prescribe unless I got to and Endo and work it out with them. 



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Good info, not sure id show my doc this cause I'd rather him prescribe me 200mg every week! More is better...right? Lol! Just kidding, very informative!