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How can i train, for more power? I can not lift more kg and increase power. Now I lift 50kg for arms and 80kg deathlift. Is this ok or not? I train 3 years, 2 years for build my muscle mass and 1 year for powerlifting. I dont have too much power, for my years.

I have food for strength and muscle mass. May is reason low testosteron in my body?

Thank you for help.


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You should be able to deadlift far more than that if you can lift 50kg with your arms (curls I assume). You should work on a more general back routine perhaps. Focus on back, shoulders, lats, that whole general area, as well as core strength.

Remember power lifting is all about heavy lifts and low reps, but to build the foundation for these muscles you will need to start with lower weights and higher reps or you'll burn yourself out.


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powerlifting is about increasing your strength spped and speed strength respectively, training with low reps for multiple sets within the 80-100% 1rm and training with lighter loads (50-60%) for speed and repetition strength, assistance exercises and practicing your form aswell as learning the ticks of the trade will all ensure progress when powerlifting.

powerlifting is sport specific, be surethis is what you want to achieve, if you just want to increase strength and muscle, work on bodybuilding/powerlifting hybrid routines ie. powerbuilding.

your numbers are low for someone who hasbeen training for so long, you should be advanced or at least upper intermediate by now.


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True^^^^^ I use a hybrid style and thats where its at for me. If you havent progressed further than you have, you may need to look at diet and other things besides training. Gotta start doing some of those "Deathlifts." They sound brutal!!!!!!!


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You only mentioned two lifts and neither one is squats squats are the foundation of almost all power type routines and any routine in my IMO second is deadlifts if you are stuck at a weight change the sets/reps more weight less reps and more set ect or do partials these have always helped me smash plateaus put 50 to 100 percent more weight than you can do 10 solid reps with and only move it the last six or so inches of the movement/exercise this means with deadlifts you need to be in a smith or power rack with the safety bars or hooks above your knees but i would not suggest this type of training if your core is not in solid shape and make sure to warm up thoroughly first
good luck