pre and post cycle pics


6ft1 - 47yo - first cycle. starting weight 163, end weight 198.
12wk cycle. Started with Test E 600 weekly(300x2) for six weeks with only acne as a side. Added Tren A 50ED at the six week mark once I felt comfortable with the test. The Tren made it so I could only sleep for 6 hours a night no matter what I tried and did force me to keep my temper in check. I feel I tolerated both chems well at those doses and honestly didn't expect the level of gains I ended up with.
My equipment consisted of 2 powerblocks with XP sets, an old bench and two cheapo DIY cable pulley set ups off Amazon. Nothing fancy.
Workouts were basic stuff making sure each muscle/group got 30 sets in a week with a rep range of 8-12 and 3 minute rests between sets.( tracked with Gym app)
Diet I focused on high protein, careful on fats and avoided sugar.( tracked with an app on my phone)
My plan from the outset was to keep everything as simple as possible and stick to the basics. I avoided overtraining(injury) and didn't up my doses(was so tempted). My biggest mistake was not getting bloods mid cycle and don't plan on doing that my next blast.


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Great results! I wouldn't ever recommend Tren to beginners, but glad it worked out well for you. Good luck in your further cycles!


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High dose for a first cycle but we can clearly see the progress! Congrats!!! Like Bobby. Keep it up!