Pre workout


I like Total War. Most of the time I just grab a C4. Don't know if you will find one that compares to DMAA. Total War has 300mg of caffeine and Bcaas. It's plenty to get you through a workout 😉. I used to use anadrol or winny pre workout. They both do the trick. Brother there's a forum called CENSORED, I say this because they talk a lot about pre workout and prohormones and stuff like that. There's a member named "Smont" that is really helpful with what you are asking about.
75mg of anadrol dumped right into a preworkout like Hostility or total war and fucking have fun with that! I’ve done 100mg of TNE before that’s good but my back breaks out really bad…now I’m loving inj dianabol 50mg a couple hours before the workout!